Australia is the best country in the world to grow rice.

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To combat the criticisms and prejudices against rice growers and rice growing in Australia that are based on a lack of knowledge, the Ricegrower's Association of Australia invites you to share some facts to the general public and key political and media stakeholders.

Water Use Facts

Farmers grow annual crops, such as rice, only when enough water is available.
Almost all rice is grown with general security water entitlements, meaning growers only receive water after the environment, towns, livestock and higher security entitlements have been allocated theirs. Read more.

Social and Economic Facts


When water is available, the rice industry generates around $800 million revenue per annum, with around $500 million of this coming from value-added exports.
When water is available, rice is Australia’s third largest cereal grain export, and the ninth largest agricultural export. Read More.

Environmental Sustainability Facts

The Australian rice industry was the first Australian agricultural industry to initiate a regional biodiversity plan and greenhouse reduction strategy, outlining the future direction of rice growing in harmony with the environment.   Read More.

Rice Research and Development Facts

R&D results in rice varieties which have higher yields and quality; and require less water.
R&D investment has also been used to improve the environmental sustainability of the industry. Read more.

Rice Production Facts

Australian rice growers produce more rice per hectare, than anywhere else in the world.
Australia’s temperate climate in the Riverina makes it ideal for the production of high quality, medium grain rice (high solar radiation, no pests and disease). Read More

Rice Industry Capacity Building

The RGA facilitates the provision of scholarships to assist growers and their families and run leadership courses especially designed to develop the next generation of rice industry leaders. 

It is important that people know about the importance of rice growing as an essential food commodity and that Australian rice growers are leaders in water use efficiency. They need to know that Australian grown rice uses less water than any other country on earth and 50% less than the global average. They need to know that for many reasons Australia is the best country in the world to grow rice.

On Sunday 29 March, 2020 Landline (ABC TV) featured a story on Australian rice growing (View it here). Following on from this the RGA are launching a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter to address the lack of education and the negative perceptions about rice growing in Australia.

Together we can create a groundswell of conversation based on facts. The RGA has provide some 'myth-busting' facts below, that support the argument that Australia is the best country in the world to grow rice.

The RGA is asking its members, families and friends to share the messages that we will be posting every day, and to join in by posting and/or tweeting their own story. (Note that photos will always increase the likelihood of your messages being noticed and shared).

In these tough times it is important that we promote positive and engaging conversations that highlight to the public that Australia is the best country in the world to grow rice.

We want you to focus on our proud farming history that has built up an industry that has the ability to feed 20 million people per day, our agricultural sustainability and our innovative and efficient use of water that allows us to use 50% less water in rice production than any other country.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of our RGA staff who are happy continue this conversation

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