Member update 17/12/2019

The RGA is still at the table


Today the Minco ministers meet to address ongoing concerns about the implementation of the MDB Plan. Prior to the meeting the Ministers will have received National Farmers Federation's (NFF's) 9 crucial priorities to fix the plan.

The RGA were a significant contributor in the setting of these priorities and pressed hard for the inclusion of their member's policies. In particular the RGA requested the government explores different pathways for new or alternate SDLAM projects and ensures greater participation from communities. The RGA further asserts that the government imposed deadline of 2024 for the recovery of an additional 450GL of water cannot be achieved with neutral or positive socio-economic impacts. These deadlines are not in the interest of our communities or the environment.

The NFF report focused on the  fundamental improvements for the MDB Plan. It highlights the shortcomings of the consultative process, the necessity of implementing the Productivity Commissions' recommendations, of improving the flexibility of the SDLAM projects and developing water sharing plans that are based on proper, comprehensive consultation with communities.

We are calling for a commitment from all Governments to work together to fix the plan.

Read the full letter here.


Rob Massina, 

President, Ricegrowers' Association of Australia