Deniliquin Commmunity Governance Course

Thriving schools, community groups and member associations, play a vital role in keeping the rice growing regions of Australia forging ahead. The RGA have partnered with the Associations Forum to deliver workshops focusing on Good Governance in regional community groups and not-for-profit organisations; including the roles and responsibilities of committee members and volunteers.

 Target Participants:

Committee members and volunteers of community not-for-profit groups and associations. Including but not limited to, advocacy groups, local sporting committees, education committees, community groups, school boards and not-for-profit organisations. (Limit of 2 spots per committee/board group)

This is a fully funded program thanks to the Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia

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Workshop agenda:

9:30 Welcome & Introductions

9:40 Topic 1: Committee Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Community groups in context: terminology, legislation, tax status
  2. Legal duties of Committee members
  3. Key governance documents including rules/constitution
  4. Operations of the Committee - planning, agendas, minutes, confidentiality, finances
  5. Role of key positions such as Public Officer, President, Treasurer
  6. Role of Staff (if any) and Members vs role of the Committee
  7. Compliance and reporting obligations

12:00-124:5 lunch

12:45 Topic 2: Effective Meetings

Committee meetings

  1. Committee agendas to improve focus on strategic matters
  2. Committee papers that work
  3. Committee meeting culture, style and procedure
  4. Role of the Chair/President
  5. Quorum and decisions
  6. Managing conflicts of interest


General meetings of members

  1. Calling and notice requirements for a general meeting eg AGM
  2. Logistics and preparation
  3. Procedure and decisions at a general meeting

Meeting minutes

  1. Practical tips on taking and writing minutes for Committee meetings and general meetings
  2. Obligations regarding minutes

14:30-15:00 afternoon tea

15:00 Topic 3: Volunteer Practicalities

  1. Working with committees with varying degrees of enthusiasm
  2. Developing the world’s quickest and easiest plan and budget
  3. Why “it’s quicker to do it myself” is not the answer
  4. Setting a friendly yet serious culture to meetings
  5. Acknowledgement of efforts and celebrating success
  6. Setting and announcing a personal period of involvement and exit

16:30 end

Program Outline

Contact - Ainsley Massina or 0428859214


5/24/2021 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
Deniliquin Golf Course 1 Golf Club Road Deniliquin, NSW 2710 AUSTRALIA

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